Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In My Opinion

Last night I sat and forced myself to watch, and finish watching, 'Left Behind II'. Let me explain first that I like Nicholas Cage and have been anticipating the newer version of 'Left Behind' that is coming out in theaters soon.

After seeing the 2002 version I am scared beyond belief to see the new version of the movie. Even with Nicholas Cage in it will the movie be as cheesy and lame as the 2002 version?

The only  way to God is to be a Christian?

The movie was so onesided I was waiting for the TV to tip over.

I hope that this newer version removes the bias's that the former movie stated.

I know the rapture is a term in Christian eschatology.  So I guess it will be bias. BUT I hope not.  There are billions of good people out there who would be "caught up in the clouds" to meet "the Lord in the air" regardless of their beliefs.  We will see.