Sunday, October 7, 2018


Hello Everyone,

I just can't believe it is October already.  Christmas decorations are on display.  It just seems sad to me that society has made us rush from one thing to another. We use to celebrate one holiday at a  time.  Sometimes it feels like we are all spiraling down to the core of the earth. Let us stop this pattern.

Take a breath.  Slow down. Leave that irritating cell phone at home and go out and enjoy yourself.  People will call you back.  Find yourself. Be yourself. Look for that inner peace that is within you. Become that inner peace within you. Listen to your intuition.  The universe is guiding and you just have to listen. Be one with your peace.  And again, breathe.

I wish you an outstanding October.

(((((Angel Hugs)))))

Toni's Tarot October Event is...

The Humane Society of North Iowa relies on donations to operate and manage our shelter.  We go through A LOT of supplies!   Can you help us by donating some of these items?

Below is a list of supplies we are always in need of:

Cat Litter: non-clumping kind (high demand item)

Garbage bags (13 and 30 gallon-high demand item!)

Laundry supplies: Bleach, dryer sheets, detergent

Dry & Canned Kitten Food:  Science Diet, Purina or other high-quality brands

Dry Puppy Food-Science Diet, Purina or other high-quality brands

Soft treats for dogs (Snausages, Beggin Strips, etc…)

Cat treats

Dish soap, hand soap, and hand sanitizer l

Vet supplies: rubbing alcohol and cotton balls

Gift cards to businesses we buy supplies from Menards, Hy-Vee, and Staples.

Forever Postage Stamps

Puppy pads

Fleece blankets, old towels (no poly-fill comforters or pillows please)

Office supplies: pens, white copy paper, mailing envelopes

Peanut Butter-we use this in Kong toys for our dogs!

TOYS!  Our cats and dogs love toys!

Newspapers to line cat kennels with (non-glossy pages only please)

They could really use the Purina brand Cat Chow, Dog Chow, and Kitten Chow.

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