Intuitive since birth, Toni uses her God given gifts and provides gentle grounded healing guidance for others. She offers readings by phone and email as well as in person

Facts About Toni


She grew up with ghost stories because people would come to her father asking what to do about spirits.


Her mother was a healer of animals. People would knock at their bar door with a critter who needs help. Toni had a gold fish that lived 10 years.


Toni’s Grandmother “Rosa” was the first spirit to pass through her after death. Toni was 5 years old at the time of his experience.


Studied under Shaman.


Blessed by a Lakota Warrior.


Toni does not use any hidden knowledge of the occult or any supernatural means to give readings. She uses her God given gift of perception of her intuition and instinctive foresight.

I am but a humble messenger. Through readings, I tell you messages from another realm.

On this earth, we live in a world of choice. DO NOT expect me to tell you to leave your spouse or make choices for you. You have that personal privilege to choose your future. This is how your lessons are learned.

Marriage Officiant

* However powerful, profound and accurate the gentle grounded guidance may be given, the information is still to be considered for entertainment purposes only. *

Featured Publications

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Your God Given Gift: Your Divine Gift

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