Intuitive Angel Reading

An Angel Reading is more on your soul level.  Meaning your soul is from divine source as are the angels.

Angels are all around us. Unfortunately, with our busy lives, we tend to ignore any subtle prompting they share with us. An angel reading allows us to slow down and hear the message the angels have for us. I do not use any hidden knowledge of the occult or any supernatural means to give readings. I use my God-given gift of perception of my intuition and instinctive foresight.

An angel reading helps you to know the guidance given to you. It tells you the angel's concern for your mind, body, and soul.

Toni will be your guide on this journey into the angelic realm.

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Thank you for the wonderful angel reading that you did for me.  It has helped me to cope after my son's death.  It was comforting to know that angels are watching over me and guiding me.  I'm taking more time now for myself and learning to be still and listen.  I appreciate the words of wisdom that you had for me.  It has helped me move forward.  Thank you! 

Wendy T.

  * However powerful, profound and accurate the gentle grounded guidance may be given, the information is still to be considered for entertainment purposes only. *

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