July Events

Cedar Rapids Psychic & Paranormal Expo
July 28th  10am - 6pm      July 29th  10am - 5pm
Cedar Rapids Marriott
1200 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids IA

What a great lineup!!  The 7th Annual Psychic and Paranormal Expo will include the following specials guests! (Please see complete list at the bottom of the page)

Daniel Klaes - The Haunted Hinsdale House. 
A big welcome to Daniel Klaes of the Hinsdale House!! The Hinsdale House has been called one of the most terrifying houses in New York and has been featured on many paranormal shows including Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff and A Haunting.
The Hinsdale House is known for having a history of ghostly manifestations, levitating objects, and even exorcism!! In the 1970's, a young family moved into the home and soon began to experience paranormal activity. As the activity continued to ramp up, the family couldn't take anymore and moved.
Be sure to stop by Dan's booth to hear more about the amazing history of this location and the current evidence of the hauntings that are still terrorizing people to this day!

Coyote Chris Sutton - Dead FIles Revisited & Ghost Lab. 
Coyote Chris Sutton is a shamanic practitioner/paranormal investigator who began his spiritual journey over 20 years ago as a normal guy who found himself with one foot in this world and one foot in the world of Spirit. Since then he has received teachings in the Lakota and Si-Si Wiss medicine traditions, along with instruction in shamanism with English influences. Chris is a member of the Red Cedar Circle of SW Illinois which follows the Si-Si Wiss Medicine Tradition of the Northwest Coast and this is the shamanic tradition that he follows. He has been trained in many of the psychic arts, including numerology, tarot, and dowsing. Chris began doing paranormal investigations in 1998, primarily using his shamanic skills, and focuses on helping people who are having problems with negative paranormal events. He brings light to the darkest places and is often called upon to deal with difficult paranormal problems.
Chris has appeared on “Dead Files Revisited” and “Ghost Lab” and several You Tube videos and is a monthly contributor on the podcasts “Paranormal Filler” and “Scarefest Radio, plus he is a frequent guest on many other podcasts. He frequently presents at paracons and booked for paranormal events.
Robert Baca- Voices from Heaven. 
Robert has become one of the best known psychic mediums in the Midwest. He has conducted readings and delivered messages from the other side for those who seek this communication and validation of their loved ones who have crossed over. Robert’s readings are highly sought after, and we can
personally attest to Robert’s uncanny accuracy. Robert continues to astound believers and skeptics alike.

And as if this wasn’t enough…we will also have psychic readings, akashic readings, belly dancers, reiki and reflexology practitioners, ghost hunters, the most haunted bed and breakfast in Iowa, aura photography, gallery readings by a well known local medium, drums for healing, therapy stones and crystals, skin clinics, and an extensive array of paranormal merchandise and essential oils.  See below for a complete list of vendors and the link to the Speakers Schedule

Absolute Journey:  Intuitive readings & gemtstones

A-Ha Moments:  Aura Photography/consultations

All Out Paranormal:  Paranormal investigations and evidence

Alternative Artistry:  Intuitive henna designs

Angel Share Gifts:  Awareness jewelry and bath products

Angelic Readings by Teresa:  Angel reader

Anita Shekinah, Intuitive Tarot Reader:  Tarot readings

A Touch of Grace:  Reflexology, reiki, psychometry and tarot readings

Bio-Energetic Jewelry:  Functional programmed jewelry

Caribbean Sprinkles Jewelry:  Natural art jewelry from Columbia & South America

Cheryl Carrigan LLC:  Psychic/medium readings angel jewelry

CrystalClearVision:  Spiritual Mediumship, reiki, chakra attunements

Dennis "Doc" Cromwell:  Intuitive readings, past life readings

Divine Healing Heart Ministry:  Ministers & reiki masters, healers

Energetic Transformations:  Matrix energetics, quatum transformation

Fireborn Alchemy:  Metaphsycial supplies and tarot readings

Ghost Crier Paranormal:  Paranormal team, YouTube talent, Haunted.Space hosts

Golden Light Healing Retreat Center:  Drums, smudging supplies, rattles

Greywolf Howling Spirit Readings:  Spirit animal card readings

Journey's Unlimited:  Astrology readings, past life regressions, CD meditations

Kayla Michaele:  Psychic readings with divine guidance

Kim Weaver:  Spiritual medium/channel, numerology reports, crystal grids

Lauracle Compassionate Psychic:  Clairvoyant intuitive readings

Marilyn Elliott:  Medium & psychic readings

Mason House Inn:  Haunted bed & breakfast

Modern Spiritual Living:  Past life readings, soothing stones

Mysterious Magick:  Handcrafted magical wares, tea leaf readings, bone readings

Mystical Moonspinner:  Psychic Medium, Teacher, Gemstone Pendulums, Reiki, and Spirit guided paintings
***Co- organizer of the Psychic and Paranormal Expo

Namaste Therapy:  Crystals/Crystal Sets

Nature's Creations:  Singing bowls, salt lamps, jewelry and more

Om Gifts for Body & Soul:  Stones, incense, cards, etc

Omar's Touch Therapy:  Einstein method healing

Opal Moon Enchanted Treasures:  Treasures to inspire all spiritual paths

Order of the Angels:  Psychic readings, jewelry, crystals

Palmistry by Kathleen Darling:  Palm readings to reveal insight

Phoenix Healing:  Divine healings

PrismScape:  Healing crystals, jewelry, mineral specimens along with readings and energy work

PT Rocks and Gems:  Rocks and gems with a personal touch

Reiki by Vicki:  Reiki, massages, aromatherapy items

Sacred Designs by Spirit:  Biofeedback aura readings, herbs

Sacred Fired LLC:  Reiki and shamanic energy work

Soul Touched by Robin:  Psychic readings and aura chakra photography

Spirit Speaker KC:  Psychic/medium readings

Spiritwolf Visions:  Intuitive tarot card readings

Stephen Ulrich:  Tarot readings and author

Toadily for You Gifts:  Prayer beads, spirit trees, toadily divine healings and readings

Toni's Tarot:  Angel & tarot readings

Voices from Heaven:  Psychic Medium Robert Baca

Wild Indigo Coyote:  Reiki, chakra healing, readings

Willow Cypress Spiritual Inspirations:  Tarot & oracle readings, crystal grid kits

XP Divine Connection:  Soul healing and redemptive love

Young Living Essential Oils:  Essentials oils

Zhanna’s Jewels:  Copper-crystal jewelry & more

Check out our Facebook pages for feature articles on each of our vendors as we approach show date! We are so honored to be able to present such a talented array of participants.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1358114377573999/

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